With the scary realities of climate change at the forefront of every news stream and social media feed these days, have you noticed your shopping habits change? We have. While we still love to browse the web for good deals and discover cool things, we can’t help but think: Will I just toss this trendy shell vase when it goes out of style? Should I really buy that chair that needs to be shipped all the way from Europe? Are these cute bedsheets full of toxic chemicals and dyes? If you’ve caught yourself in that same mind-set, you may have also realized it takes a lot of research and diving down internet rabbit holes to finally feel guilt-free about clicking “add to cart.” We know you probably don’t have time for that, but luckily, we do. While browsing for eco-friendly finds we’d like for our own homes, we figured our BFF, sister, favorite uncle, S.O., or coworker would probably like them too. So here, find 16 green products that would also make great gifts for anyone in your life—because the second-greatest guilt after harming the environment is showing up empty-handed.

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