She was a self-described “punk kid,” and we like the method little notes of that edge still peek through in her mature and classically cool style today.

Though Gloria’s professional work is in the charm market (she’s the creator of among our preferred beauty brands– Noto Botanics!.?.!!), we couldn’t assist however take note of her personal design.


What are you using and why is it a reflection of your individual design?

My personal design switches gears by the day, truthfully. I like to stream with a state of mind or a character at times. What I am using here is a reflection of my requiring to get errands done around NYC (on foot!) and I’m prepared to plug into a coffee shop at any given minute to get some e-mails done. It’s slowly beginning to end up being fall in the city, so I desired a jacket that felt light, wise, and had big pockets for my phone, earphones, and my NOTO rooted oil roller to calm me down whenever I need. You can say this look is quite utilitarian (for me).

How do you use clothing to express yourself?

Always skin care and makeup. That to me is the recognition marker for my mood. Even if all it is mascara, it’s still setting the tone for what my look will pull towards. It’s hard for me to get dressed without seeing my skin care or makeup on first … this might sound funny, however whenever I try doing it that method, nothing appears to work when I try to get dressed.

You are a makeup artist turned beauty business owner with your company, Noto Botanics. Which comes initially when preparing– makeup or clothing?

For me, and many, clothing is an expression of my state of mind, what I care about, and how I like to invest my cash. I attempt to make my expression state sustainability, credibility, and perspective. In this case, I tend to purchase a lot of vintage, or items by young designers making big modification in the fashion business.

My individual style switches equipments by the day, truthfully. For me, and many, clothing is an expression of my mood, what I care about, and how I like to invest my money. You are a makeup artist turned charm business owner with your business, Noto Botanics. Always skincare and makeup.