Marketing Services

Do You Have Great Products and/or Services your Target Customers need to know about?

There are 3 pillars to achieve that and all 3 need to be present.

  1. Knowing who is your market (target audience)
  2. Knowing on which media channels they hang out, online or offline
  3. Knowing what is the message would resonate the most with them

Then, systematically deliver the message on the identified channels to them.

Here is how ecosistent can help your business get found and get noticed in a noisy marketplace.

Target Audience

  • Identify who are your customers.  There could be more than one group, like commercial buyers, residential buyers, dealerships, etc.
  • Create an Avatar (persona) which represents each target audience. This Avatar represents their buying power, interests, worries, aspirations, etc.


  • Create a USP (Unique Selling Proposition) that will position you differently than your competition.
  • Create an Elevator Pitch that can be used in trade shows, online, and on sales calls.
  • The USP and Elevator Pitch might be different for each Avatar.
  • Create digital pages (website and social media) which present the message to your visitors.


  • Find the best channels to reach your target audience(s). Here are just a few examples:
    • Search engines: Organic (SEO) and Paid Ads
    • Social media: Linked In, Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook
    • Outbound campaigns: email, direct mail, trade shows, industry events