“It’s a crucial time in our presence, with an ever-increasing population and a requirement for more bioavailable, sustainable sources of nutrition,” said Julie Daoust, PhD, VP Product Development & & Innovation, in a self-congratulatory declaration. “Many business speak about their sustainability effect, however really couple of actually make the investment to get the independent data to show or disprove their assumptions.”

The company’s brand-new mint chocolate flavor is offered through the company’s website now and will be offered through Amazon beginning in October.

In concert with its brand-new taste launch, the business is also releasing an assessment of the environmental footprint of its products.

Without launching the complete life process analysis report, Soylent revealed that its product packaging and logistics operations were the most significant contributor to its carbon emissions. The company also stated that its decision to use soy protein instead of rice or another vegetable or grain for its primary component actually led to a lower ecological footprint for the company.

The meal replacement business Soylent Nutrition, Inc. has added a mint chocolate flavor to its line of beverages and treats.

“Our brand-new Mint Chocolate Drink asked for by our fans was engineered by < a class="crunchbase-link"href="https://crunchbase.com/organization/soylent-corporation"target="_ blank"data-type="organization"data-entity= “soylent-corporation”> Soylent’s hard-working team, with the complex tastes of humankind in mind,” stated Andrew Thomas, Soylent’s VP of Brand Marketing, in a declaration.