Sustainability Chain Management

Sustainability Chain Management is the science and art of globally-optimizing the components along the Sustainability Chain in the most effective and efficient way possible.

The sustainability chain is comprised of the sustainability end-client, architects/designers/contractors, finished good dealerships, finished good manufacturers, and ingredient suppliers.

The optimization is done to meet the desired objective of each participant subject to the sustainability standard(s) and their parameters as chosen by the sustainability end-client.


Global Optimization is Superior to Local Optimization

It can be shown mathematically as well as understood intuitively that seeking a global minima or maxima is better that optimizing locally (looking only at the immediate neighborhood) and then adding up the results.

Therefore, having a global view over an entire sustainability project and optimizing it as a whole – as opposed to letting each participant do their own optimization – would yield a better outcome to all involved.

For example, based on Sustainability requirements coming from an end-client and demanding that an equipment manufacturer certifies its products, it could very well be that a mid-level (and less-costly) certification is sufficient, as opposed to a full-blown (and very costly) one.

As such, it can open the door to manufacturers that were excluded before from this project due to the prohibitive high costs of a full-blown certification process.

This knowledge can come only from a Sustainability Chain Management Consultant who is privy to all the requirements and constraints of the project, and can communicate it to the participants.


How Everyone Wins

By working toward well-coordinated objectives while employing friction-less communication and using mathematical models, such global optimization can benefit all involved.  Here is how each participant wins. 


Sustainability End-Client

  • Meet or even exceed desired sustainability credits level
  • Meet deadlines
  • Minimize surprises


  • Balance form, function, and sustainability to hit all objectives
  • Know the degree of flexibility within the constraints
  • Have viable alternatives in case Plan A meets unforeseen obstacles
  • Know which pre-certified ingredient suppliers to work with

Finished Product Dealership

  • Choose from a set of pre-certified manufacturers
  • Usher a certification process with preferred manufacturers who are not yet certified
  • Know the timeline critical path and manage it to meet deadlines

Finished Product Manufacturer

  • Optimize a certification strategy to maximize ROI over a single project or a portfolio of projects
  • Save costs using incremental certification for customized products
  • Avoid unnecessary costs when full certification is not needed
  • Reach certification fast by switching to pre-certified ingredient suppliers
  • Leverage existing certifications to win new projects

Ingredient Supplier

  • Learn about demand to certain ingredients across multiple projects
  • Pre-certify ingredients to be readily chosen by manufacturers and contractors

Ecosistent – Your Ideal Sustainability Chain Management Partner

With over 10 years of working closely with clients, architects/designers/contractors, dealerships, and manufacturers, Ecosistent is at the perfect junction to facilitate this global optimization.

Ecosistent can save each participant time and money while maximizing ROI by knowing the overall project objectives and making sure that everyone work toward them along the same direction.

The benefits Ecosistent brings can be leveraged beyond a single project and be utilized in future projects as well.  As such, the savings and ROI can be even bigger.

The Proof is in the Pudding

Let us prove to you why doing sustainability global optimization with Ecosistent will be superior to your previous local optimization attempts – every single time.

Schedule your free consultation call today, and reap the benefits in the months and years to come.